Personal Guarantee Insurance

Defend your personal assets following insolvency

  • As a condition of raising business finance, Directors are often required to provide additional security to the lender by signing a Personal Guarantee.
  • By signing a Personal Guarantee, the Director places his or her personal estate at risk as this means that if the business fails then the lender can seek recoveries from the Director personally.
  • In most cases, signing a Personal Guarantee can be a key component in securing business finance. Directors are therefore willing to provide a Personal Guarantee to secure business finance.
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Personal Guarantee Insurance is an annual insurance policy that provides Directors with cover in the event that the business lender calls on their Personal Guarantee following insolvency.

Personal Guarantee Insurance is available for:

  • One or more guarantors
  • Unlimited access to Business Support Services
  • Existing or new Personal Guarantees
  • Multiple Personal Guarantees