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Big data could soon become construction’s most important tool

Gone are the days where data from construction projects is filed away into metal storage cabinets and never seen again. As people across the globe are increasingly seeing the value of their data along with huge leaps in digital technology, the means of storing and...

Changing jobs? Make sure you let your car insurer know

Your car insurance is determined by a series of factors based on your lifestyle and the vehicle you’re driving.  These include your age, location and your profession. If you undergo a major life change such as new job or promotion, it’s important to not only...

Is the threat of flooding in the UK on the rise?

For those who don’t take global warming seriously by now, you might be surprised at the predictions that have been made by the Environment Agency (EA) regarding UK flood defence. Reaching unprecedented levels Climate change has already had a major impact on British coastlines, moorlands, farms, towns...

10 top tips for travel insurance

Thinking of going away this year? Already got your schedule planned? Make sure you don’t forget about your insurance. We take a look at the top 10 areas you should consider before arranging travel cover. Single vs. multi-trip If you tend to go on one big...

Colmore Insurance Brokers improve offering with new recruits

Colmore Insurance Brokers have recently appointed a number of new hires as the business’s expansion continues. The new recruits, three account executives; Leon Fung, Charles Taylor and Mike Hamp have joined from Bollingtons, Thomas Carolls and Towergate respectively. Alongside these appointments Colmore have also taken on Georgia...