Claims Management


Claims Management

Whilst our ethos and strategy at Colmore Insurance is to support clients avoid having claims, regrettably it is a fact they may occur from time to time. 

We strive to ensure your insurance policy will cover such losses and when claims occur we are there to support you. 

We will:


  • provide a claims management service delivered through your service team
  • ensure claims are not settled when they should be challenged and defended
  • support in recommending nominated loss adjustors and lawyers to support you when claims occur
  • provide claims protocols so all parties know the keys actions to be undertaken and processes to follow when there is a claim
  • provide management information on claims to assess frequency and severity of claims by class, and work with you to design strategies to improve performance
  • work to ensure you receive full settlement for claims


For more details, ask one of your service team directly or contact:

Andy Copeland, Director, t +44 (0)121 227 5713, m: +44 (0)7964 835 910 

or the office on, t +44 (0)121 796 5590