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Treating Customers Fairly

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) underpins the heart of our business and drives all our business decisions and operational processes.  

All our staff are committed to its delivery and as such it is embedded in our way of working. 

TCF can be identified through:


  • The life cycle of our operation from the first contact with a client to contract certainty and servicing
  • In all our promotions, campaigns and marketing
  • Meeting the demands and need of our clients by delivering a bespoke personalised service to them whilst constantly finding ways to improve and innovate


In our operational delivery TCF is reflected by: 


  • Strict adherence to our TCF policy and procedures being communicated by our management team and supported by all staff 
  • Actively ensuring our staff are kept up to date with TCF procedures, being audited through our compliance processes and monitored on a regular basis through management information and reporting. This is reviewed formally on a monthly basis at board meetings
  • Annual training on TCF around:
    • Competence to role
    • Data Protection
    • Contract Certainty
    • Client demands and needs


For more details on our TCF policy, please call us on 0121 796 5590, write to us at  Ludgate Court 57 Water Street, Birmingham B3 1EP or e mail our Compliance Director Andy Copeland at