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Health & Safety

Most businesses will recognise that one of the most significant risk exposures relates to people, whether it be employees, customers or the general public. Employees, whilst generally dealt with by employer’s liability, the subject of protection of your most valuable asset goes much further than the limits of traditional insurance protection alone.

We therefore look to identify your integrated approach to the management of the ‘people risk’; this would include your approach to Occupational Health, wellbeing programmes and absence management.

In this area of risk, many risk management steps can be taken that will actively impact on the residual risk and therefore the insurance underwriting and premium.

Many companies have discovered that regulatory compliance is not sufficient to mitigate losses, and are being proactive through Health and Safety interventions which avoid and reduce accidents and the number and severity of claims. By doing so they are positively impacting on Employers Liability premiums. 

Colmore Risk Consulting can support with:

  • Implementation of Health and Safety Management systems i.e. HSG 65, OHSAS 18001
  • Design, implementation and on-going support with Health and Safety:
  • Policy and Statements
  • Manuals
  • Audit and reporting
  • Risk Assessments including Fire Risk Assessments
  • Reviews and designing strategies to improve workplace Health and Safety
  • Compliance with regulations and legislation