Our Process

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Our Process

At Colmore we have developed an integrated approach to the management and transfer of risk.

We have recognised a demand in the market from clients for a different approach and service from their insurance broker, extending the service beyond the administration of the insurance programme to a more proactive engagement, including risk mitigation and incident management.

In response we have built and implemented the Colmore Client Risk Framework 


Colmore Risk Framework


In today’s fast moving world, we recognise that indemnification or reinstatement following a loss is not sufficient to protect the reputation and brand of a business.  To protect these valuable assets of your business requires an integrated approach to the management of risk, involving contingency planning, proactive risk mitigation, early intervention and efficient management of the claim.

We believe that the quality of our broking service is dependent on our detailed understanding of your business risks, your exposures, your controls and your risk appetite. To gain this understanding we start the process with a risk profiling exercise with four distinct aims and outputs:


  • To provide sufficient risk information to enable us to design an insurance programme tailored to your specific needs and requirements
  • To develop a superior quality market presentation to enable us to negotiate the best terms with potential insurers
  • To prepare a risk management action plan to further improve the current risk and to secure additional risk management funding from insurers
  • To record and store risk information to support the efficient management of claims  and the development of effective contingency plans and loss mitigation strategies


Through this process we establish the basis of our risk management programme that will be subject to regular review and adjustment to meet the changing needs of your business.

Our objective is to improve your business resilience and thereby your business performance through an integrated programme of risk management, insurance protection and incident management, acknowledging that insurance is only part of the solution.


For more information please contact:

Andy Copeland, Director t +44 (0)121 796 5590