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Our values

Every client matters to us. We are resolved to making sure this is constantly reflected in the service we offer. The values upon which Colmore Insurance has been established guide our daily operations, and ensure that we remain attentive to the requirements of our clients at all times. 

Integrity - We are regulated by the FCA and adhere to their core standard of Treating Customers Fairly. This means our clients can have the confidence in that whatever advice we offer it is delivered with their interests in mind. 

Expert advice - Colmore Insurance has years of combined experience gained from different organisations. This has given our team the strong expertise on which to build their firm, and enable them to take a holistic approach to risk and deliver bespoke insurance solutions.

Client focused – The client is at the heart of all we do. We are an independent Insurance Broker with access to the leading insurers including LLoyds, but because we are not constrained by any of them, our services are steered by our client’s requirements, not insurer earnings. 

Passionate - We are passionate and driven to succeed for our clients both corporate and private. Only through our desire to make life easier for our clients and help them avoid financial difficulty can we seek out protection that will serve them well. We hope to meet all of our clients in person so we can fully understand any challenges they face and source outstanding risk solutions.